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PFP in Civil Construction

Tackling fire from every angle with comprehensive solutions.

Planning the construction of a major structure is virtually impossible without taking fire protection into account. This is especially critical in tunnels, where the risks and potential effects of fire are exponentially higher.

Hamburg’s New Elbe Tunnel is an essential part of Germany’s motorway network and a key connection between Germany and Scandinavia. Making its way under the Elbe River, it’s one of the longest underwater tunnels in the world. Consequently, ensuring its safety and security for the thousands of motorists who use it every day, were paramount.

That’s where KAEFER’s expertise in fire protection came in. Over the course of 19 months, specialists designed and implemented a high-performance smoke exhaust duct system and coordinated the installation of several thousand square metres of fire protection plates throughout the tunnel. KAEFER offers the complete spectrum: from development, construction planning and material analyses to project management, quality control and logistics.

When it comes to tunnel safety, every detail matters. And the numerous construction projects where KAEFER has successfully provided high performance fire protection show just how seriously we take safety and attention to detail.

Elbe Tunnel in Hamburg
New Elbe tunnel in Hamburg, Germany

Our fire protection systems for buildings and tunnels

  • Prefabrication
  • Jacketing for steel girders and pillars
  • Air ducts
  • Wiring ducts
Tunnel Horburg
Tunnel Horburg, Switzerland