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Industrial Heat and cold insulation

Temperature under control.

Thermal insulation makes profound sense. It's not just about keeping warm and cool and saving on energy costs. At a time of increased emphasis on environmental protection, reducing the carbon footprint and energy consumption, thermal insulation is more important than ever.

KAEFER S.A. offers a comprehensive insulation diagnostics service on industrial installations. Our specialists inspect the installation and determine the condition of its insulation and the related needs of the client.

In carrying out the aforementioned service, we use methods such as thermovision and a TIPCHECK audit to determine the level of heat loss in the installation, estimating achievable savings and the payback period of the investment. We have an in-house department that designs industrial insulation. Our specialists are experts in the requirements and potential problems of insulating installations in many industries, including refining, energy, chemicals, LNG, food, etc.

KAEFER S.A.'s Project Department is ready at any time to support our customers in their intensive efforts to significantly reduce energy losses, cut costs and protect the environment.

Thermal imaging

Adam Lisowski

Head of Designing Department

+48 22 54378 90

Mobile: +486606830 02


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Our scope of work:

We carry out thermodynamic calculations and dimensioning with our own programmes as well as dedicated finite element methodology. Our services include:

  • Static and dynamic load calculations
  • Dimensioning of insulation systems considering ecological and economic factors
  • Development of high-temperature and cryogenic insulation concepts
  • Planning and executing functional tests for complex insulation systems in our own laboratories
  • Designing insulation systems in 3D CAD programs
  • Qualifying materials and systems
Engineer infront of PC working on CAD drawing
KAEFER engineer working in 3D CAD program

Thermal insulation: areas of application

  • Power plants
  • Refineries
  • Chemical industry
  • Food processing
  • Wood and paper industries
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)
  • Natural gas storage tanks
  • Biomass plants
  • Environmental technology
Photo of Slofnaft plant, Slovakia
Slofnaft plant in Slovakia

Cold insulation: areas of application

  • LNG and ethylene plants
  • Cryogenic storage
  • CO2 plants
  • Gas liquefaction plants
  • Piping
  • Vessels
  • Tanks
Photo of LNG facility Algecira, Spain
LNG facility Algecira, Spain