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Our school in Tarnów

​50 years ago, the Basic Vocational School at PRT Termoizolacja has been opened, which teaches young people the profession of building insulation fitter. It was possible thanks to the efforts of Mr. Marcel Stan, the general manager of PRT Termoizolacja (company that is one of the foundations of KAEFER S.A.) and the principal of the Basic Vocational School in TarnówMr. Józef Pierzchała. On September 1, 1968, 41 students started studying there.
The school has survived the political changes of the country, numerous educational and restructuring reforms as well as ownership changes within the company. It was possible thanks to the involvement of many people who were able to anticipate market needs and modify the program and forms of teaching according to them. 1409 students have graduated from the school in Tarnów over the last 50 years.

Currently, the facility educates in the following professions: industrial insulation fitter, industrial insulation sheet metal worker and refractory mason. In the school year 2018/2019 the school was attended by 125 students.

The fact that KAEFER S.A. is hiring all eager graduates is a national scale phenomenon.

Graduates of the school in Tarnów consist of current pensioners and employees holding important positions in crucial projects of KAEFER both abroad and in Poland.

Graduates of the school in Tarnów also got high places in the Polish Championship of Industrial Insulators organized by the Polish Industrial Insulation Contractors Association.

Since 2008, they have also been participating in the European Championship organized by FESI (European Federation of Associations of Insulation Contractors) with the following results:

  • 2008, Copenhagen      3rd place
  • 2010, Stavanger           4th place
  • 2012, Berlin                  2nd place
  • 2014, Kraków               1st place
  • 2016, Cologne              1st place
  • 2018, Cologne              3rd place

The fact that the students who graduated from Tarnów school in 2018 are being employed in the Central Workshop of KAEFER in Nuremberg is also a confirmation of the high level of teaching.

Since 1998, the school has been successfully acquiring EU funds, subsidies and refunds necessary to conduct educational activities.

The school in Tarnów is working closely with National Examination Centers at the Regional Examination Board of the Ministry of National Education and the Polish Chamber of Crafts.

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School in Tarnów
Damian Cup and Krzysztof Sarad, Industrial Insulators at KAEFER S.A. in Poland
Mistrzostwa Europy
(Mr. Krzysztof Sarad, Mr. Kazimierz Golec and Mr. Damian Cup - European Championship 2016, Cologne - 1st place)
Students and teaching staff