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One group - one code.

Over the past 100 years, KAEFER employees around the world have been working together ambitiously to develop high quality solutions for our clients, based on trust and a common set of values and norms. We are proud of our track record that involves delivering what we promise and never letting a customer down. Our anniversary in 2018 is the perfect occasion to take our Code of Business Conduct into the next KAEFER century by updating it with contemporary topics that have become increasingly relevant to all of us. In doing so, we will be ensuring strong business control.

Our long-term success would not have been possible without our corporate culture and our value orientation which are supported by the family owners and their heritage. Trust is the basis of all our activities. We commit ourselves to act in such a way so that we can maintain and intensify the trust and loyalty of our customers, employees, and owner family. Trust can only develop if our actions are predictable and based on consistent behaviour – from the workers on site all the way up to the company’s top management. Creating an environment of trust and continuously striving to master our profession will help us achieve a high degree of collaboration. Respecting individuals will help facilitate true dialogue and mutual learning. The collegial interaction will help us find the right decisions in complex situations. Reliability and result orientation will help us exceed our expectations, and a good portion of modesty will always help us stay rooted and remember the true North: the pursuit of our mission.

As a result, KAEFER is strongly committed to risk management and compliance, which we define as a set of guidelines, rules, and procedures that are designed to prevent, monitor, and resolve conduct or practices that go against legal, ethical, and business standards. 

The Code of Business Conduct outlines our policies as they relate to our corporate goals and values. This Code applies to every person who conducts business with or for the KAEFER Group worldwide meaning all our employees, including all levels of management in the KAEFER Group as well as consultants, temporary workers, and subcontractors. The Code outlines how we act and do business. Regardless of the work we do daily, we all have to abide by the laws, standards, and guidelines that apply to our work and we must act ethically and fairly and with honesty, integrity, and respect. 

Only if we all act in keeping with the high standards we set ourselves can we face the challenges and changes the future holds and ensure a sustainable and innovative business model for generations to come. 

Anna Mecherzyńska

Compliance Officer

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