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Doing things the KAEFER way. Since 1918.

KAEFER worldwide

Carl Kaefer was a clever man. In 1918 he used peat to insulate the walls of cold storage spaces. His idea worked so well that it led to the foundation of our company, which has since developed into a market leader for plant integrity services and solutions in Industry, Marine & Offshore and Construction. With over 30,000 employees and a large international presence, we are a true global player – there for you all over the world.

In addition to insulation, we offer access solutions, surface protection, passive fire protection & refractory as well as interior outfitting. In everything we do, the client takes centre stage and we take pride in our efficient and innovative approach to overcoming challenges and providing services and solutions.

We also pride ourselves on doing things the KAEFER way. It’s what makes us different and is seen clearly in our strong safety record, cutting-edge technical expertise and strong ethical values.

We develop new and tailored solutions that benefit our clients and are frontrunners in digitalisation in our industry. We also assure quality, safety, cost-efficiency and continuous improvement with our substantial in-house expertise and fully integrated services.

Our successful track record speaks for itself. And it also serves as a testament to the strength of Carl Kaefer’s ideas, and our vision – to reduce and use resources more efficiently.

 KAEFER in Poland

KAEFER S.A. with headquarters in Warsaw was established in 2009 as a result of the merger of sister companies TERMOIZOLACJA SA and IZOKOR Płock S.A. The development of the company has influenced the industrial insulation market in Poland since 1947.

In addition to KAEFER S.A., the KAEFER Polska Group also includes Termokor KAEFER Sp. z o.o. with its headquarters in Bełchatów. 

We are a leading provider of industrial services in Poland. We provide engineering and repair services for the Processing, Energy, Mining, Marine and Construction Industries. Our clients are industrial and public utility facilities.

We specialize in thermal insulation services, acoustic insulation, surface protection, passive fire protection, industrial facades, scaffolding, mechanical and construction works. We also perform energy audits and thermal imaging services.



100 years label

Strength in numbers.

KAEFER S.A. with headquarters in Warsaw (Poland) belongs to the global KAEFER Group. Employs over 1,000 employees at six branches in Poland and four abroad. We enjoy an excellent reputation with our clients and have grown steadily since our foundation in 1947.